iG-150+THE Disposable PDF Temperature Humidity with External Temperature Probe

TEMPLOG IG-150+THE is the first humidity and built in and external heat measure device in the World in disposable datalogger class.

They can measure insternal temperature of fruits With external sensor.

They can measure insternal temperature of fruits With external sensor.

Customisable temperature and moistureness alarm and record period can be set before recording as required by user.

12 different alarm point can be set as 2 high temperature, 2 low temperature, 2 high external temperature, 2 low external temperature , 2 high humidity and 2 low humidity.

Its quite easy to use with tear off and run feature and built in usb input.

PDF reporting without any additional software, they generates comprehensive PDF file after log process finished. You can view PDF report after connected to a USB port.

You may send generated PDF files to our servers by clicking “send to Web” button if necessary and share it with different users.

To view PDF files trough web, you need to fill DATA FOLLOW UP INTERROGATION sector with device serial number.


Model: iG-150+THE
Temperature Range: -30 to +100°C
Temperature Precision: ±0.3°C
Temperature Resolution: ±0.25°C
Humidity Range: 0 - 100%Rh
Humidity precision: ±3 %Rh
Humidity resulotion: 1 %Rh
External Temperature Range: -20 ile +100°C
External Temperature precision: ±0,5°C
External Cable length: 1m
Reporting type: PDF
Memory space: 10080 Temperature / 10080 Humidity / 10080 External Temperature
Alarm status: 2 for bottom 2 for top to every spot (total: 12)
Alarm indication light: Yes( May set by user )
End of transportation marker:Yes
Upload to Web: Yes
Logging Period: 3-5-7-10-15-20-30-45-60-90
Shelf life: 12 months
Dimensions: 45mm X 86mm X 14mm
Weight: 40gr.

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