iG-150+T Tek Kullanımlık PDF Sıcaklık Kayıt Cihazı

Cold chain includes securing characteristics of temperature sensitive products preservation,transportation and all operations from production to consumption.

The most important factor of cold chain is stabilising the potential temperature according to device values during whole process.

Cold chain breaks, namely poor performance, that will occur at any stage, leads to growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. These bacteria and fungus causes serious health problems.

Temperature difference on products may cause to bacterial growth and foods become unsavory. This bad taste is the first indicator of cold chain break.

Keeping up quality of cold chain protects freshness and nutritive value of your produced, trasported, stored and consumed goods.

Cold chain breaks usually occur on shipping phase.

Everyday a lot of temperature sensitive product shipping between different countries and regions, these shipments’ temperature datas have to trace safe and correctly.

    PDF LOGGER Temperature Datalogger

    PDF LOGGER temperature and humidity datalogger products provides cost-effective and reliable solutions in cold chain monitoring.

    Capable of high precision measurement of temperature and humidity, PDF LOGGER registers provides accurate measurement at the correct time while shipment and storage.

    User-friendly and saving on time form of PDF LOGGER dataloggers can be started rapidly under favour of tear off and run feature.

    Through PDF reporting it provides easy tracking on PC’s and tablets without any custom program.
    A device that recording cannot be stopped with external intervention, even it plugged to PC, it will resume recording until recent log time.

    The records in the device are protected against external intervention. Even though battery runs out device keeps records for years and reports again, with preserving accurate storage conditions.

    With sharing feature you can share your datas among different users instantly, so possible issues can be solved.

    All PDF LOGGER devices are developed and producted in Turkey by Turkish engineers.


Data sent to the cloud can be quickly shared with other users through the site.